Chasdei Yosef - Central Charity Fund is named after a man of great vision and kindness. Rabbi Yosef Eliahu Deutch was born in Jerusalem in the year 1922. As a young child he was well known for his generosity amongst his peers. As Rabbi Deutch matured, his impact on those in need was known to all. When he married, he emphasized to his young wife that he wanted his home to be an inviting place for those who had nowhere to go. The Sabbath meals in his home were always attended by the disadvantaged and a warm meal - and an even warmer welcome greeted them each week. Rabbi Deutch made sure that each of his guests felt comfortable, often giving his own place to someone else. His children remember him sighing each week, asking the One Above to bless him with a larger home, which would allow more people to come...

Rabbi Deutch's sons internalized his values and dreams. After his passing in 1983, Rabbis Deutch's sons founded the Central Charity Fund - "Chasdei Yosef" - named after their benevolent father. From a single man's open heart and open home, Chasdei Yosef has evolved into an organization that reaches 30,000 people a year.
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