Donations from Abroad

People helping people- that's what best describes our mission. We believe that by recognizing the human side of those who benefit from our programs we can answer the needs of Israel's poorest while helping them maintain a sense of self-worth, and together we can find a way out of chronic poverty for families and individuals.
Every dollar you contribute to Chasdei Yosef not only helps feed and clothe people today, it helps reduce poverty in the future.

You can donate to Chasdei Yosef online.
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We will mail you a printed receipt to keep for your records
upon completion of your donation transaction.

YOU can make a difference today!

I would like to contribute:

Food Packages

$150- Provide Staple Foods for 1 Family for a Month
$250 - Provide a Holiday Food Package for 1 Family

TALTAL Program for Children-at-Risk

$180 - Sponsor Day Camp for 1 Child
$72 - Sponsor 1 Child for a Month
$720 - Sponsor 1 Child for a Year
$225 - Sponsor 1 Day at TALTAL for 25 Children-at-Risk
$1200 - Partner of the Month

Soup Kitchen

$50 - "Seudat Ani'im" - Meal for 10 Needy People, Traditionally
         Donated at Times of Happiness or Times of Distress
$104 - Feed 1 Person for a Month
$880 - Feed the Entire Soup Kitchen for a Day
$1800 Partner of the month

KISHARON Center for Underprivileged Women

$250 - Sponsor 1 Woman's Journey to Financial Independence

Winter Assistance

$36 - Warm Blanket
$55 - Winter Clothing for 1 Child
$120 - Radiator

Other Amount

Other amount $   

You may also contribute to Chasdei Yosef in any of the following ways:

From Israel - 1-800-200027
From out of Israel - 972-2-5815988

• For a tax-deductible donation in the United States,
checks should be made out to: "American Friends of Chasdei Yosef"
and send to:
1368 57th Street,
Brooklyn, NY



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