Rosh Hashana - The New Year
Sep 23, 2006

The High Holy Days have come – most families are busy with their preparations for the holiday – buying new clothing, new shoes and special foods, whereas others are preparing in a very different way: they are asking questions! Instead of “What will we eat for the holiday” – they ask – “Will I eat on the holiday?” “Where will I eat on Rosh Hashana?” “I am all alone, will I spend the meals all by myself, or suffer the shame of eating in a public soup kitchen?”

At Chasdei Yosef, we provide answers to these questions. Every year we have a special festive meal before Rosh Hashana, and when everyone is finished eating, we distribute prepackaged meals for those who live too far away to come to the kitchen on the holiday itself, and for those who live near, the kitchen is open on the holiday and dedicated volunteers come and serve the meals. We do our best  to minimize the shame of eating in a soup kitchen, and turn it into a pleasant experience. Our soup kitchen is much more than that – it is a family.  

This year, there were 170 people at the pre-Rosh Hashana meal. The lonely, elderly and homeless people knew that they had where to turn to. We were also very fortunate to receive a generous donation from Moshav Carmel, Mount Hebron, of 400 kilograms of apples in honor of the New Year. One of the Carmel residents, Mr. Shalom Korsover, brought the apples directly to the soup kitchen and distributed a basket of apples to each person. It was a special added treat for those who could not have afforded to go and buy it themselves. 

Chasdei Yosef would like to wish all of you a healthy, happy new year – a year of prosperity, love and peace.

Crisis in the North
Aug 20, 2006

During the recent crisis in Israel, thousands of people fled their homes from the northern part of the country. They left their homes and possesions to escape further south, out of harm's way. Yet - upon reaching their 'safe haven' - many people were left with no resources to support themselves and their families.

Aviva M., a 36 year old woman from Haifa, found herself outside Chasdei Yosef's soup kitchen, watching. "Never in my life had I ever dreamed that I would be taking food from a soup kitchen!" she related to me bitterly. "But what could I do? We are staying in a school's dormitory. My husband is suffering from post-traumatic stress after his friend was killed in a rocket attack and I have 5 children to feed. I went inside and asked if there was anything I could bring 'home.' The staff at the soup kitchen was so warm and giving. They gave me 7 packaged meals to take with me and told me to come back every day.

"I don't know what I would have done without you. For a week we had been exsisting on bread and tuna. My children were so happy to have some decent food to eat. When they asked me where I had gotten it, I told them that some kind people were taking care of us and making sure that we have what we need."

Aviva's story is one of many. Hundreds of people who took up emergency residence in the Jerusalem area were able to have hot meals in our soup kitchen. We worked overtime, preparing extra packaged meals for those who need them. This is what Chasdei Yosef is all about - being there when they need us most.

Apr 12, 2006

28,537 families assisted by our kimcha D’pischa campaign this year

For most people - the holiday of Passover conjures up pleasant thoughts, like crunchy matza, sparkling wine goblets and steaming chicken soup. Yet, for many, just hearing the word "Passover" brings on stressful feelings. It is, undoubtedly, the most expensive holiday of the year. For those who suffer from financial hardship all year round, Passover is more than just another holiday to prepare for.

Chasdei Yosef is here to help. "Kimcha D'Pischa" - our Passover Provision Campaign - has evolved from helping 30 families to reaching tens of thousands of families. Each family receives a package worth approximately $150, containing virtually all the costly food staples they need for this holiday.

This year we were fortunate enough to help 28,537 families. That means 100,000 Jewish people were able to better enjoy their holiday. Our total expenditures totalled $2,100,000. Thank you to all of our generous contributors who continue to make this possible.

Visit to the USA
Feb 10, 2006

Leah Vogel giving a short presentation to the children of Maimonides Jewish Day School in Danbury, Connecticut. Special thanks to principal. Mr. Cory Chargo for the warm reception

During February, our Executive Director, Yosef Krishevski, and our Director of Overseas Projects, Leah Vogel visited the United States to meet with various Jewish Federations and other Jewish organizations to introduce our praiseworthy programs. Among the places we visited were Jewish Day Schools in New Jersey, Connecticut and Texas. We're sure that this visit will bring about new supporting friends to help us to continue expanding and improving the excellent services we already provide.

Special thanks to families Osdoby, Sufian and Fiedler in New Jersey, Katzman, Greenberg and Glass in New York, Fanwick in Connecticut and Donin in Texas for their generous hospitality.

Summer at TALTAL
Jan 01, 1970

During the year, our TALTAL program provides a comprehensive after-school environment for children-at-risk.

During the year, our TALTAL program provides a comprehensive after-school environment for children-at-risk. But what about the summer? So many parents aren't able to afford any type of framework for their children during summer vacation. So many children are left with nothing to do but count the days until the beginning of the school year.

This year, Chasdei Yosef has decided to make a summer camp for the children we cater to all throughout the year. This type of intervention makes a huge impact on these little lives.These children, from homes stricken with illness, poverty, neglect and abuse, are able to have a summer experience that they will treasure for years to come.

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