חלוקת ביגוד שוברים תנורים ושמיכות לחורף
Jan 25, 2017

חלוקת ביגוד שוברים תנורים ושמיכות לחורף

שוברי מזון וביגוד חורף בשווי 10,000 שקל!! ומאות שמיכות, מפזרי חום ורדיאטורים מחולקים כרגע למשפחות מעוטות יכולת... איזה התרגשות!!❤❤ וזה הכל בזכותם ותודות לכם! וברגע מרגש כזה אנחנו רוצים להודות קודם כל לכל מתנדבי העמותה שנותנים מזמנם, כוחם ורצונם... גם לכל בעלי העסקים וכמובן לכל תורם ותורם באופן אישי-תודה! והכל כדי שיהיו כמה שיותר משפחות שיעברו את החורף בחמימות . חסדי יוסף גאה להיות חלק מהמהלך המבורך!! חורף חמים ונעים לכולם

Kimcha Depischa - Passover Assistance
Apr 17, 2012

Despite the financial hardships facing Chessed organizations all of the country, we at Chasdei Yosef maintained our annual tradition of helping needy families for the holiday.

Hundreds of families received holiday vouchers by registered mail to purchase necessities for Passover. These vouchers enable needy families to embrace the holiday of freedom with joy!

Graduation Party for Doulas!
Mar 28, 2012

After a exciting year of challenging learning, our first class of doulas (birthing coaches) graduated and received their diplomas.

The student learning at Tiferes Yehudis Chana Professional Training Center, which was founded in order to train women in professions that are suitable for their lifestyle and family situations. The prestigous Ridman College supplied top-notch teachers for the course.

Party at our Soup Kitchen!
Feb 27, 2012

After the holiday of Purim, we held a festive party for our daily diners at our central soup kitchen in Bucharim.

The party took place at a special hall and the diners were seated around tables laden with delicious food. Live music added a joyous element, and the atmosphere was happy and upbeat. At the conclusion of the party, each person received an electric kettle. Everyone left with a smile on their face.

'Goodbye Winter' Party
Feb 27, 2012

The children who attend our after-school programs for children-at-risk we treated to a special surprise at the end of the winter semester.

They were invited to a large hall, where beautifully set tables laden with food waited for them. The program included a magic show by the talented R' Victor Atiya and live music. The cherry on top was a gift for each child: a kit with coloring supplies: crayons, pastels, watercolors, and a pad of construction paper.

Meals on Wheels
Jan 16, 2012

Chasdei Yosef continues providing hot meals to people who are home bound for various reasons, such as illness, disability and frailty.

Our volunteers go from house to house, inquiring into the housebound people's well being, relieving their loneliness and delivering them a warm and nutritious meal along with a caring smile and words of encouragement

Shows and Surprises at TALTAL!
Dec 21, 2011

During the holiday of Chanukah, we held special programs and a Chanukah party for the children who attend our after school program for children-at-risk – TALTAL.

Together with our dedicated staff, the children prepared a play complete with costumes and props. At the party, the children enjoyed doing arts and crafts, and at the end of the party, each child received treats and a small gift to help light up their lives.

Dancing at Colors at Be'er Miriam
Dec 19, 2011

project. After lively dancing with an exercise instructor for seniors, the women settled down to enjoy a "color workshop".

This Chanukah, we made a special program for our "Golden Ladies" at our Be'er Miriam seniors' During this workshop, an expert in the field gave an individual interpretation to each lady, offering insight to her personality according to the colors that she chose. The women also appreciated a delicious meal prepared especially for them!

Chanukah Gathering for TALTAL Volunteers
Dec 19, 2011

At our after school programs for children-at-risk "TALTAL" we are fortunate to be blessed with a wonderful staff of devoted volunteers who come each day to give special attention to each and every child.

In recognition of their hard work and dedication, Chasdei Yosef held an enjoyable evening for our TALTAL volunteers, with a festive lunch and fascinating program with a graphologist.

Happy Channukah at the Soup Kitchen!
Dec 19, 2011

We bring the light of the Chanukah candles to the hungry people who come and dine at our soup kitchen every day. One of the days of Chanukah, our diners were surprised to come and find the soup kitchen decorated festively for the party, complete with a DJ and special food for the occasion.

After enjoying the lively party, each person was given a package of jelly donuts (sufganiot), a box of candles and a new pair of wollen socks to help them keep warm in the winter.

The party and gifts were sponsored by Family Goldis in honor of the Sheva Brachos of their dear daughter. Chasdei Yosef and the needy people we support wish the young couple and their parents a lot of nachas, health, wealth and happiness!

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